Indonesian Government to Allocate US$1 Million for Translation Project

Photograph courtesy of Indonesian Goes Frankfurt 2015

Photograph courtesy of Indonesian Goes Frankfurt 2015

(Quoted from “Frankfurt Book Fair 2015: How serious is Indonesia in promoting its culture, literature?” by Niken Prathivi, The Jakarta Post, Sun, April 06, 2014)

At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, Indonesia will be the event’s guest of honor, offering the nation a chance to show the world that it has tremendous wealth of culture and literature.

The event will be the first time that Indonesia will be so honored.

In previous iterations of the fair, Indonesia has been represented by the Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI) or individual publishing houses.

Deputy Education and Culture Minister Wiendu Nuryanti said that officials were taking the time needed to make sure that the government was ready.

“We must understand that the book fair has a wide constellation [in the industry], so we’d like to treat Frankfurt Book Fair as a promotion place for Indonesia. We also think that we can develop some ideas, like gaining some ground for creating a translation center in Indonesia,” Wiendu said during a recent seminar titled On the Road to Frankfurt: How Translation Travels held by Kompas Gramedia.

“We have our own great authors and we need momentum to promote them and their powerful literary works — and the Frankfurt Book Fair is the perfect international stage for Indonesia,” she added.

Officials plan to display 2,000 books at a dedicated Indonesian booth at Frankfurt, Wiendu said. About 150 of the titles would be translated into English or German.

“Our translation team is doing its best to finish half of the target number by end of the year. If everything goes well, we will have translated all 150 titles by next year,” she said, adding that the government has allocated US$1 million for the project.

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