Borobudur Agency Greeted The World at The 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair

Borobudur Agency inside the Indonesian booth at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair (Photograph by B. Sugiharta)

Photograph by B. Sugiharta

The 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair was the first major step for Borobudur Agency (BA) – a newly established literary agency by IKAPI (The Indonesian Publishers Association) – to greet the world, presenting the wealth of Indonesian contents globally. Along with several Indonesian publishers, BA enjoyed the spacious and convenient booth of Indonesia. Thanks to the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture for generously accommodating the booth and providing dedicated delegates, fully backed up by the Indonesian Embassy for Germany and supported by IKAPI team.

Started with less than 30 arranged appointments prior to the fair, BA surprisingly managed to meet more than 80 publishers, literary agents, authors, translators, distributors and printers from 29 different countries during the fair, from October 9th through 13th.  The publishers and literary agents especially had broad interests in something specific about Indonesia, ranging from folktales, children’s books with Islamic contents, literary works, comics to travel books.

(Nung Atasana)

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